“Humor is hazardous to your illness”

10 09 2010

from library think quest:

“Under distress, or any intense, negative emotion, we are focussed on the problem. In fact, sometimes we may be too close to it to actually find the solution. Imagine being in a pool with a huge wall around it – it feels like there is nothing else in the whole world except this pool. The only way we will realize that this pool is a small fraction of what makes up the whole world is if we get out. To do that, we sometimes need a little help (like a long ladder against the wall).

Humor provides the ladder we need to climb up out of our problem pool onto solid ground, where we can gain a fuller and more realistic perspective of the world and the overall significance of the problem. It is a cathartic (cleansing) release, which clears our head of fogging emotions and renews our bodies so they are refreshed for action!

How does Laughter renew us?

Laughing invokes feelings of happiness and joy. Instead of being all gloomy and frustrated because there is no perceived solution, laughing lifts us up out of our pool of problems and plops us on solid ground where we can gain some new insights. Under conditions of happiness, joy and merriment, it is much easier to think creatively around a problem than when our mind is filled with a sense of helplessness, worthlessness and inadequacy.

This is particularly evident when there are a few people involved in a project. Shared laughter promotes bondage and unity within the group. People feel more welcome and free to offer suggestions and think out loud. They’re not afraid of being put-down, so will risk sharing their opinion.

Laughter also opens the door to more real and risky communication. Sometimes people are feeling scared or overwhelmed by conditions, but don’t know how to express it. If a humorous comment is made that expresses the concerns in an exaggerated way, people will laugh. This then enables them to talk about the uncomfortable issues or concerns. By laughing, an entry is made for talk about the subject.

As the old saying goes:-
“Those who laugh…last.”


Who do I want to be(come)? What role do I want to play in the world?

12 02 2010

Mmmm, let me think.

I want to be(come) a person with the following identity/characteristics…. and experiences

1. Being absolutely grateful for all there is in my life, for every breath I take, for every gift, every kiss, for every day above ground… –> feeling ultimate bliss*

2. Loving, caring, gentle, contributing, sending only strong and good vibrations into the universe—> feeling connection and love*

3. Playful, cheerful, optimistic, enthousiastic, humorous, funny, smiling from ear to ear —> feeling light* & joy & happiness

4. Powerful, energetic, courageous, impacting, effective, efficient, professional, accountable, —> feeling strong, one foot earthed*

5. Free, balanced, at peace, fully aware, into the moment, awake, NOW —> feeling present, free as a bird, one foot in spirit, in heaven*

6. Dreamer, strong imagination…. —> bridging* heaven and earth

7. mmm…. let me wonder

And what role do I want to play?

1. Superman & superdad

2. Superhero coach /hypnotist/ whirpool/ filantropist

3. Superplayer having megafun

4. …


1. Go to the bakery for bread

2. Start up my own coachingbusiness (probably have to break down this goal in smaller parts)

3. Trying not to stress for Valentine’s day

4. …

Watch Bandler now! That’s an order!!!

11 02 2010


Who do you want to be today? What role do you want to play tomorrow?

11 02 2010

In my opinion, ultimately, personal development boils down to the question…

“Who do I want to become?”, “What role do I want to play in this world?”

We knew this as little children… Boys wanted to be a superman or a ninjaturtle, or some other great hero. Girls played with dolls, wanting to become a good, caring, loving mother for her children. However, as we grew older many of us forgot who we really wanted to become as a young child. We forgot what roles we played or wanted to play as children. Dust falling on our dreams…

It is said that we become like the rolemodels we looked up to years before…

So, it is time to wake up, and seriously ask ourselves… “Who do I want to become?”, “What role do I really want to play?’

If you don’t believe you can (re)build your own identity… start learing and applying NLP.

some websites… http://www.selfcreation.com/

I read a great text about identity…

“Life’s greatest mystery is human character and uniqueness. We craft individuality. Other animals can’t. We share 98 percent of our genes with chimpanzees, yet the 2 percent variation makes allthe difference.

We’re not totally subject to our genes. In creating stories, ideas, music, science, and popular culture, in thinking and communicating, humans do surprising things that our genes wouldn’t.

Our destiny lies in becoming individuals — creating and fulfilling our unique potential. We each evolve differently and unpredictably.

Individuality implies differentiation. Becoming different requires editing, subtraction, focus.We become dissimilar by focusing on our distinctive and authentic parts.

True, we’re not blank slates. Our genes determine our appearance and have a big say in many other matters. As we grow up, our parents and family influence how we behave, think, and think of ourselves. Our teachers, friends, priests, bosses, and mentors mold us. The ideas and norms of our society, and the groups with whom we hang out, strongly sway us.

Yet subtract all these influences and there’s still something left: the precious and strange thing called our self, our unique identity and autonomy. However pronounced the pressures on us, we have our own personality. Nobody else on the planet is the same. In a big or small way, we are bound to influence the world, making it different than it would be without us.

We become individuals though subtraction. Less is more. We have the wonderful opportunity to let go of the bits of ourselves that are not authentic, not “really us” — the parts imposed by background, parents, and environment. The authentic self is a small part of our total self, yet it’s the vital self. We all have special gifts, unique imaginations, our little bit of genius: the spark of life that’s wholly ours.

When we focus our self, we give up doing what many other people do, thinking what others think. Is this a loss? Of quantity, yes; but not of quality. In quality, less is more. By narrowing our interests, we deepen and intensify them. By focusing on our best, unique attributes, we become more individual, more human. We focus our power, our singularity, and our ability to enjoy life profoundly and uniquely.

Developing individuality is a conscious process. It involves deciding who you are and who you are not; who you want to become and who you don’t want to become. We become more distinctive individuals through deliberate decisions and actions, honing and increasing what is different and best about us.”

Gratitude is a way of life

5 02 2010

As fas as I know, the feeling of gratitude, or even the feeling of bliss, is what we are all after. One easy way to experience ‘gratitude’, is to say thank you to everything and everyone you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste, in the future or the past, or at this very moment. (Thank you for this outstanding blog for instance:-).

When you say “Thank you Lord/spirit/awareness/Big Soul/God/… for this or that “, be aware that you are saying it to yourself as well.

When you say out loud “thank you”, you will feel the vibration in your mounth, you will hear the vibrations of your voice with your ears. Saying “thank you”, arises from the depths of yoursoul and goes into the depths immediately (after hearing and feeling the vibrations). Exercising your gratitude muscle is a fun and healing thing to do.

If your “thank you” comes from the depths of depths of the soul, and returns to the depths of the depths, the good feelings will only become stronger.

“Gratitude is a way of life” http://www.lifedynamix.com/articles/Spirit/Gratitude.html


Discipline yourself with activities, thoughts, and words that vibrate with your inner essence.

Below is a list of words that you can read daily. You will be amazed at how this can shift your consciousness.

By the time you finish reading it you may find yourself thinking of other words that vibrate at this frequency. You may even find yourself looking back over the list to see if your word is already there. I have. It’s contagious.

Admiration/admirable, abundance, ambitious, adoring, amazing, available, affectionate, adventurous, awesome, award-winning, authentic, amorous, accurate, articulate, attentive, appreciate, ardent, aesthetic, actualize, amusement, agreeable, brave, best, believable, buddy, bond, beauty, buoyant, bright, balance, calm, caring, capable, concerned, comfort/comforting, contribution, charitable, courageous, cheerful, coach, confident, chipper, cooperative, capable, celebrate, champion, charm, chirpy, clarity, clear, content, character, consecrate, compassion, dashing, debonair, delight/delightful, dependable, dear, devoted, diligent, dedicated, determined, dutiful, dynamic, daydream, delectable, delicious, encouraging, easy going, eager, effective, enlightening, excellent, enthusiastic, exciting, emotional, ethical, easy, endearing, energy, elder, ecstasy, enjoyment, ebullient, exhilarating, empathy, fun, funny, fantastic, friend, friendly, forgiving, full, faith, fortunate, fulfilled, fondness, fascinating, freedom, fervor, faithful, favorable, giving, good, gifted, great, generous, go-getter, genius, gorgeous, gracious, Gratitude, games, gusto, giddy, heart, honest, helpful, hopeful, happy, hero, hug, heartfelt, healthy, hearty, heavenly, hobbies, hilarious, handsome, harmony, heaven, ideal, inspire, incredible, imagination/imaginative, interesting, indulge, important, intent, intelligent, integrity, insight, invincible, joy/joyful, jolly, joke, jazzy, kindness, kissable, keen, kindhearted, knowledge, love, laughter, life, lucky, lovable, likable, luscious, laughs, loving, loyal, lover, lively, lightness, loyalty, liberty, luxury, magnanimous, mature, mischievous, miraculous, marvelous, nice, neat, nurturing, noble, nutty, natural, nonchalant, nirvana, original, optimistic, outgoing, outstanding, oodles, patience, play, pleasure, pleasing, perfect, perceptive, patient, pleasant, positive, practical, pride, passionate, paradise, presence, quick, quiet, quality, responsible, reliable, reasonable, radical, remarkable, ready, radiant, rapture, revelation, refreshing, renewing, sweet, smiling, sensitive, super, sensational, stable, skillful, strong, sensible, sympathetic, suave, sharing, serene, silly, sufficient, sincere, spirit, sunny, satisfied, silly, simple, sentimental, savor, sacred, sumptuous, trust, truthful, terrific, thoughtful, tender, useful, upbeat, understanding, unique, unusual, valiant, vicarious, vacations, value, vivacious, vision, virtue, wonderful, wise, witty, worthy, warm, whimsical, worship, wishful, welcome, x-tra special, x-traordinary, x-cellent, x-pert, youthful, zing, zany, zealous, zippy, and zesty.


Surround yourself with good vibrations

3 02 2010

Yesterday, I came across a website about Brainwaves and how music can positively affect your mental state. I know it is logic that music can have a major impact on our mental state, but I haven’t paid much attention to it. It is time to change that.

I read on youtube the following comment “In every man’s heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty“. This sounds very true to me. Good vibrations (visual, auditory, sensory, etc. ) simply define how we experience the world. One spiritual teacher put it this way. Our body can be seen as a big antenna, picking up the vibrations of the universe. And what we can do as people, is filter the right frequencies, and focus on it.

The “lesson” for today… surround yourself with beauty, with good vibrations. Focus on the good vibrations….and you will vibrate with it.

  • Clean up your room, make it beautiful
  • Put some nice relaxing music on, such as this…
  • Surround yourself with nice, friendly people.
  • Go to nice places in nature

Freedom is everything, love is all the rest

2 02 2010

Just another quote?? Don’t you get tired of all these quotes flying around your ears??? I know I do sometimes. But this quote is different, cause it captures everything I stand for in my life.

I got this quote from Richard Bandler, the most famous, notorious, and crazy hypnotist in the world. The co-creator of NLP. In my opinion NLP is the science of positive brainwashing:-).

I think he is spot on or I must have been brainwashed by him. Anyway, I am grateful to carry this quote in my head, and spread it further into the world.

Coaches (teachters, anyone..) should give their clients more freedom in their life. They should help them being able to have more options.

For me personally helping people to get rid of their fears and internal blocks gives great pleasure to me.